[thelist] Interland's Linux Hosting?

Ben Dyer ben_dyer at imaginuity.com
Fri Nov 2 09:08:36 CST 2001

Haven't had any experience with their Linux hosting, but, in general, I've 
had terrible experiences with Interland.  Each time I have a problem, it 
seems to take longer and longer to get a reasonable response.  About a 
month ago I had a problem and it took over a week to get a response back.

There are better Linux hosters out there, I'm sure.  Certainly, at least, 
there are companies who know what they're doing.


At 07:55 AM 11/2/2001, you wrote:
>Anyone have any good/bad experiences with Interland's Linux hosting
>packages? I have a client that's looking for a solid Linux host (with
>PHP, MySQL, Perl, etc.)

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