[thelist] Behind Firewall/In front of Firewall

Stephen Smiroldo ssmiroldo at hsmm.com
Fri Nov 2 09:18:32 CST 2001

I am a newbie and am asking on behalf of our IT department:

We have an Intranet and serve 3 corporate websites. The Intranet and 
the public websites reside on a server behind the firewall and access 
MS SQL (on another server) using Lasso. Currently, Windows users on 
our network have to type the WINS id for each website (i.e. "hsmminc" 
instead of www.hsmm.com) or the internal IP address. This works on 
Windows but not on Macs since it is WINS based.

What is the best set-up so internal users can type the same URL as 
external users? Our IT guys are wanting to put the public websites on 
a server in front of the firewall, but still allowing access to the 
SQL server behind the firewall. This didn't sound like a great idea, 
but I wanted to know what you all thought we should do and maybe HOW 
to do it.

Our set-up consists of:
Windows 2000, IIS 5

Stephen Smiroldo, Webmaster
HSMM, Inc <http://www.hsmm.com>
<mailto:ssmiroldo at hsmm.com>

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