[thelist] Images and Uploading from Dreamweaver

Bob Boisvert webdad at tampabay.rr.com
Fri Nov 2 09:30:58 CST 2001

Hi All,

I have just uploaded a page and its file to

The problem I have is that for some reason during the upload I kept getting
an FTP error saying that the .gif and .jpg images were not named properly.
There is nothing special about these files, they are simple .gifs and .jpgs
optimized and exported into Dreamweaver from Fireworks.

The message was something like FTP error can not accept file
"filename.gif.mno" or "filename.jpg.mno" file is not named properly. Sorry I
didn't write it down. The thing that is confusing me is where did this file
name .mno come from?.

Do the files get renamed somehow during an export to Dreamweaver?. Obviously
this has affected being able to see the images on the page. If this helps,
the onlt thing I created in Fireworks was the navigation buttons.


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