[thelist] iframe scrollbar colours

Paul Backhouse paul.backhouse at 2cs.com
Fri Nov 2 09:52:12 CST 2001

yeah, i need the src, using asp to sort out the IE and NS detection for me,
and then writing the relevant code dynamically - bit tricky in some areas,
but ive pulled it off, il let you know when it goes live and you can see
what ive done



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> I find dhtml scrollbars clunky and unreliable which is why i though id use
> iframe in IE.

that depends on whose you use of course :)
But i know what you mean. Actually I was talking about a scrollable div
in the css sense:
div style="overflow: auto"
(see here: http://www.sam-i-am.com/testsuite/css/overflow.html )

if you have iframe support you more than likely have css2 support too.
So that's another option. Of course a div doesn't have a src attribute,
so it's a little more complicated to load content in there on the fly so
this might be no help


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