[thelist] Behind Firewall/In front of Firewall

Dave Preston caffiend at simianbrotherhood.org
Fri Nov 2 10:36:26 CST 2001

I do hope that those servers are in a dmz and not directly connected to
your LAN. That aside, the cheap and easy way is to set up a DNS server
for the LAN that uses the internal IP's. As for the costly and hard
way.. I couldn't tell you.

I've done this in a few places and it works fine. If they have an old
computer laying around you can install linux on it and be up and running
in short order. Granted maintaining bind is rough at first, but it does
save you all those nasty licensing issues.

Since I'm just that kind of guy, http://hsmm.com/ goes nowhere, which
doesn't do us lazy typists much good, I'd ask the IT guys to put a CNAME
in for it and also make sure that the webserver will handle requests for
it, I generally just redirect the traffic from http://domain.com/ to
http://www.domain.com/ but that's me.


On Fri, Nov 02, 2001 at 10:19:28AM -0500, Stephen Smiroldo wrote:
> I am a newbie and am asking on behalf of our IT department:
> We have an Intranet and serve 3 corporate websites. The Intranet and 
> the public websites reside on a server behind the firewall and access 
> MS SQL (on another server) using Lasso. Currently, Windows users on 
> our network have to type the WINS id for each website (i.e. "hsmminc" 
> instead of www.hsmm.com) or the internal IP address. This works on 
> Windows but not on Macs since it is WINS based.
> What is the best set-up so internal users can type the same URL as 
> external users? Our IT guys are wanting to put the public websites on 
> a server in front of the firewall, but still allowing access to the 
> SQL server behind the firewall. This didn't sound like a great idea, 
> but I wanted to know what you all thought we should do and maybe HOW 
> to do it.
> Our set-up consists of:
> Windows 2000, IIS 5
> SQL 7
> Lasso
> Thanks,
> Stephen Smiroldo, Webmaster
> HSMM, Inc <http://www.hsmm.com>
> <mailto:ssmiroldo at hsmm.com>
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