[thelist] DHTML menus

DAVID FIELDS d.fields at nr.cc.mn.us
Fri Nov 2 10:44:39 CST 2001

try playing with pvii's AutoLayers tutorial
[ http://www.projectseven.com/tutorials/menuing/mcloser/index.htm ]
Cross-browser (yes, Opera too), resize-friendly (no absolute positioning necessary), all needed files and excellent explanations included.

The "positioning a dhtml menu" question also came up awhile back on tek-tips
[ http://www.tek-tips.com/gfaqs.cfm/lev2/4/lev3/31/spid/726/sfid/929 ]
in relation to Macromedia's Fireworks 4 wizard-produced dhtml menus.

p.s. thanks for the warm welcome, rory
David Fields   |   http://www.spinplate.com/doc/

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