[thelist] Retrieving <LongText> from SQL with ASP

Scott Dexter sgd at ti3.com
Fri Nov 2 11:03:10 CST 2001

> <%
> response.write("<p>" & (RS1("CMSFeatureBody")) & "</p>")
> %>
> which request <LongText> from a SQL 7.0 DB. Works fine when I 
> just put it 
> into a page by itself, but if I add to the page any other 
> stuff, and I mean 
> ANY other stuff, the <LongText> is not returned. I head up 

Set it to a variable right after you grab it from the database, then
output the variable later in the page. Blob data types are returned a
little differently than others, and don't hang around in the recordset
while you do other operations.

good luck

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