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 : > Of course. But it's probably no coincidence that most IAs do produce
 : > prototypes in Visio or PP.
 : Sure -- because they don't program; for the rest of us ...  :-)

Prototyping IS NOT programming. Let's get that straight.

An architect studies structural integrity, building codes, heat coefficients
and comes up with detailed plans BEFORE the first brick is layed or beam is

The plans are reviewed by architect, contractor and client BEFORE building
commences so that the paper version (prototype) can be tossed about and
reviewed to avoid problems later on. The better your planning and
prototyping, the better your building will turn out.
A model might be built, but it is of a LESSER material and complexity (foam
board instead of wood) in order to help visualize the results, but it has to
be done in a rapid fashion so that it can be quickly torn down and remade as
ideas and issues are raised.

I would NOT prototype in any form of final "code," whatever that may be.
It's way too detailed and specific for the task at hand.  And you WANT to be
able to tear it down and start over quickly.

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