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Fri Nov 2 14:19:50 CST 2001

EditPlus dig? Unless 'dig' has changed meanings and now means 'way cool'
<tip type="EditPlus Keyboard Shortcut Assignment">
    Tools->Preferences->Tools-Keyboard->File->FileFTPUpload. By default it
is Ctrl-Shift-S.
Unless i misunderstand you entirely........
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> that's a great tip.. I love it. Though I knew ftp.exe had more to it
> than the interactive cmd line mode, I never looked into it any further.
> I can wrap this up into a homesite script easily to upload the current
> file, or whatever.. entirely from a keyboard shortcut. (quick editPlus
> dig: and in homesite I can pick my own :)
> Sam
> > c:\windows\Ftp.exe -:sC:\ftp.txt
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