[thelist] Creating IIS Virtuals - how to?

Wallace, Mark mwallace at bindview.com
Fri Nov 2 14:40:52 CST 2001

Actually, I answered my own question with a bit of hardcore research:
How do I create a virtual in IIS withOUT using the MMC?

The point is, to create a backend Cold Fusion script that allows our
marketing department to create custom URLs for ad campaigns without the
webmaster having to go create and/or delete the virtual manually in the MMC
- for example, they want to be able to make http://yoursite/FreebieGiveAway
; I have a directory set up outside my webroot for "campaigns" that they can
put whatever they want into, so I can have CF create the folder
"FreebieGiveAway" under Campaigns, then automatically create the virtual in
the same script (using CFExecute); I can also give them a script to delete
it when they're done with it.   

<tip type="Creating IIS Virtuals from Command Line" author="Mark Wallace">
Two methods:
1) Using VBScript: (although why anyone would want to run the Windows
Scripting Host on a production webservber is beyond me)

2) Using CrtVDir.exe (available from Microsoft). Source code is available
and the related article is here:

Actually the MS KB article is only half a solution - it provides source code
for an executable which will do the job. I'm a webmaster, not a programmer,
but I do work in a software development company, so I weaseled a compilation
out of one of our developers - this exe can be compiled in Visual C++ 5 or 6
(although it's a bit more involved using 6). I'd post the compiled version,
but that would probably be copyright infringement. 

Mark Wallace
BindView Corporation

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