[thelist] denying incoming mail with Exchange 5.5

spinhead evolt at spinhead.com
Fri Nov 2 16:51:44 CST 2001

Yup; found it. Thanks dex. Tested it on my evolt address and you're right,
it just vaporizes like it never happened.

<tip type="Exchange 5.5 admin" author="spinhead" thanks=" 'Exchange Server
5.5 24seven' by Jim McBee">
To block a specific e-mail address or domain from sending TO your Exchange
1. In Exchange Admin, expand your site
2. Expand 'Configuration' and select 'Connections'
3. Select the Internet Mail Service and view the properties (File |
Properties or ALT+ENTER)
4. Select the 'Connections' tab
5. Click the 'Message Filtering' button, just below center
6. Click the 'Add' button
7. Enter either a complete e-mail address, or just the domain portion (for
instance, joel at spamking.com or just spamking.com)
8. OK your way back out.
9. Stop and restart the Exchange Internet Mail service

Note: Exchange SP1 must be installed to use Message Filtering


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> in Exchange2K you set up the address as a spam address, and the box will
> drop the mail on the floor....
> sgd
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> > <somewhat off topic>
> > Anyone know how to block a specific e-mail address from
> > sending e-mail to
> > our Exchange server? (not a relaying problem; a disgruntled
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