[thelist] Editor Tips

Sam-I-Am sam at sam-i-am.com
Fri Nov 2 17:04:18 CST 2001

my point is that Homesite can be scripted to call any app you can run
from the command line so you can bring all that functionality into the
For example I have a homesite script that passes the current document's
filename to a perl script which does whatever I or someone else has
programmed it to do (e.g pretty format my css, commit to the cvs
repository.. whatever), writes output to a file and Homesite opens that
file up. 

or to bring this back to point, if I wanted to ftp files in one
directory to one server, and others to another .. that's the kind of
thing I could write into my script and still invoke with my keyboard
shortcut, without leaving homesite

I'm dwelling on this not to start a "my editor is better than your
editor thing", but because this is the kind of easy flexibility I value
in a tool, and I'm very interested in other editors/tools that might
offer the same or more. If EditPlus can do this, I'll try it again


Michael Hall wrote:
> Edit plus 2 has a built in ftp feature that I use all the time, ctrl-shift-s
> saves the current file to the server. You can also upload all open files.
> This along with the good highlighting is why I use that editor.

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