[thelist] Possible to validate HTML with Flash? (is: NOEMBED)

John Dowdell jdowdell at macromedia.com
Fri Nov 2 17:48:39 CST 2001

At 6:44 AM 11/2/1, Adam wrote:
>When peeking through other people's <embed> source code I noticed that the
><noembed> tag included a reference to an <img> tag which displays the image
>if the browser doesn't recognize the <embed> tag. (I'm assuming that's how
>it works) can anyone tell me why this I cant get this to work?

"What does NOEMBED do?"

It is read by browsers which cannot handle an EMBED tag. It is therefore of
rare use today.  (Netscape 1 couldn't use EMBED, IE2 couldn't, etc.)

For the implicit "How should I handle Flash detection?", then after dealing
with this question daily for about six years now I'd strongly recommend
just showing the content. That's what ads on Yahoo and c|net and MSNBC and
what-all do. Put this little badge at the bottom:


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