[thelist] javascript:print

Dave Hinton dave at ooeeoo.demon.co.uk
Sat Nov 3 02:08:30 CST 2001

On Friday  2 November 2001  2:27 pm, Jay Fitzgerald wrote:
> I have a onload javascript event that triggers a page to be printed like
> this:
> <BODY BGCOLOR="#ffffff" onload="javascript:print();">
> This works great in IE 4+ and NN 4+; however, I am wondering why this does
> not work in Opera. Can anyone explain why this is and/or how to make it
> work?

Get rid of the javascript: -- you only need that when you're trying to stick 
javascript in a URL.  What you want to use is

<BODY BGCOLOR="#ffffff" onload="print();">

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