[thelist] pricing for reused elements

Daryl Grant poojie at dccnet.com
Sun Nov 4 06:14:24 CST 2001

--- Andy Warwick <mailing.lists at creed.co.uk> wrote:
> On 2001-11-03 at 20:45, seyon at delime.com (Marc Seyon) wrote:

> So, in your case, I'd look at what the benefit is to client B in providing
> solution. If you feel that he can save money if you charge him for 11
> work, and that he is honestly getting a good deal on that, charge him the
> 11 hours. He is not just paying for the development and deployment, he is
> for your skill, experience, knowledge and the benefit to him.

Reused code is well tested in multiple environments and situations, making
it more reliable than code that would be written and used in a single,
isolated environment. Because of this, reusing code in future projects would
actually benefit those clients. One must be careful though, becauase if
there is an ugly, hidden bug in the reused code, every project that made use
of it will need to be revisited.


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