[thelist] SSI in Dreamweavweaver

Bob Davis bobd at members.evolt.org
Sun Nov 4 09:05:11 CST 2001

Alternately, see if  the files with the includes in them are 
executable by all. Apache (assuming it's apache) has an alternate way 
of making SSI work called the XBitHack. It just looks for executable 
files and parses them.

That could do it. It depends on how it's (Apache, that is) configured.


At 7:27 AM -0800 11/4/01, Megan Holbrook wrote:

>Are your files .html or .shtml? Some servers don't support SSI without
>having the extension specify that there is an include on the page by
>naming them .shtml files (most commercial hosting services seem to
>follow this rule from my experience).
>Bob Boisvert wrote:
>>  Hi All,
>>  Does anybody have an idea about why a SSI wouldn't work after being
>>  uploaded? The syntax I used was <!--#include file="textnav.html" --> For
>>  some reason the server side include is not showing up on any of the pages.
>>  The textnav.html is just a text link file that is supposed to show at the
>  > bottom of each page.
>  >

bob davis
bobd at members.evolt.org

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