[thelist] Some musings about browsers

Nicole Parrot nicole at parrot.ca
Sun Nov 4 09:18:10 CST 2001

Not like I had any idle time, but I did a little bit of browser testing

I'm running a somewhat old machine and I decided to take a look at the
memory requirements of the following browsers:
netscape 6.2
IE 6.0
Opera 5.2
Mozilla build 2001101117 (the latest as of the beginning of the week)
and for good measure I threw in Netscape 4.74 too

At startup, displaying a blank page:
Netscape 6.2 :  20 Megs
Mozilla : 13 Megs
Netscape 4.74: 9 Megs
IE: 8 Megs
Opera : 4.5 Megs

Displaying CNN.com
Netscape 6.2:  21 Megs
Mozilla: 18 Megs
IE: 15 Megs
Opera: 7.5 Megs
Netscape 4.74: 12.5Megs

(all those values come from a PII-400 Mhz, running Windows XP)

Mozilla may be the most compliant browser out there for now, but with a mem
requirements like thas, I'll stick with IE, and/or Opera, thank you... As
for Netscape 6, yikes! Monster! Too bad the Star Wars Ep II trailer doesnt
come with it! :)

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