[thelist] CSS Help

Seb seb at members.evolt.org
Mon Nov 5 07:54:20 CST 2001

At 22:37 02/11/2001, you wrote:
>Hello folks :
>Got a CSS problem that's causing me grief.
>Navigate to : members.evolt.org/burhankhalid
>Now click on Current Projects
>(IE 5.x)
>The project's page displays great, except when you click on the 
>next/previous/start links on the bottom, then the page gets all skewed up.
>In NN6.2 -- it doesn't even show correctly.
>Any ideas? Also, I tried to get my site to center on both browsers. Let me 
>know if its doesn't look right.


Your HTML has got escaped double quotes in it. You need to get rid of these 
or the page will not render properly:

[view source:]

<div id=\"frame\" style=\"\">
         <div id=\"toptab\"><div class=\"tabtext\"><a 
href=\"index.php\">Home</a>&nbsp;<a href=\"bground.php\">Who Am 
I?</a>&nbsp;<a href=\"projects.php\">Current Projects</a>&nbsp;<a 
href=\"#\">Cliques</a>&nbsp;<a href=\"#\">References</a></div></div>
         <div id=\"center\">
                 <div id=\"header\"><center><img style=\"\" 
align=\"absmiddle\" border=\"0\" src=\"title4.gif\" 

[/view source]

I downloaded the page locally, removed the slashes, and it works fine.


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