[thelist] pricing for reused elements

Adrian Walker adrian at digitaltraffic.co.uk
Mon Nov 5 08:15:34 CST 2001

>: Now a situation comes about where I can reuse this widget for Client B.
>: I've already done the development time, so it only takes 1 hour to set up.
>: What should I bill Client B? 11 hours' work - value of developing &
>: deploying the widget? 1 hour's work - deployment time only? Or somewhere
>: between?

I hear what you all say, but you must be sure that you own the rights to
re-use it.  If a client has paid for a solution sometime he will own it
and not you.  If you re-use it then he has the right to bill you.

What do your T&Cs say.  Don't assume that you own the IPR

Adrian Walker
adrian at digitaltraffic.co.uk

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