[thelist] are your eyelids twitching? (tip)

Jon Hall jonhall at ozline.net
Mon Nov 5 09:26:43 CST 2001

My first tip. Hope I get this right....I feel sorta like Brittney Spears.

For the last week or so my left eyelid had started doing this weird spastic
twitching thing. It didn't really bug me at first, but after a while it got
quite old. Last night I mentioned it to my health nut girlfriend and she did
a little research and found the most common cause is starting at a computer
monitor too long. The second she told me I went and looked at my monitor
refresh rate, and somehow it had gotten set back to 60 Hz. I switched it
back to 75 Hz and voila. The twitching went away immediately, and hasn't

<tip type="ergonomics">
If you spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen, especially with
fluorescent lights overhead and have never changed the default Windows
monitor refresh rate, your eyes are working way to hard. You may notice
headaches, or in my case, an eyeball twitching uncontrollably. While 60 Hz
is the Windows default. The best setting for your eyes (and eyelids) is

To change your refresh rate:
Right Click on your desktop. Click Properties.
Select the Settings tab.
Click the Advanced button.
Select the Monitor tab.
Select 75 Hz from the dropdown and click Apply.

If you are reading this, do it now! Even if you have done this in the past,
check it. Windows will reset to 60Hz for quite a few reasons. Your eyelids
will thank you.


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