[thelist] Site Check Please

Craig Saila crsaila at yahoo.ca
Mon Nov 5 10:49:08 CST 2001

Michael McGlynn wrote:

> Just a quick site check for HTML issues, loading and link integrity.

 > http://www.microcomplete.com/stage/

(Viewed on Win2K running Moz/0.9.5 and Netscape 4.78)

Nice simple layout, easy to read and move around. You may want to 
consider a jello design given there's no str reason it should be 
anchored on the left.

Strongly suggest you use alt tags for the navigation images (although it 
was nice to see the alternate text nav at the bottom of the pages), and 
the alt for logo on the home page is too long (doesn't display well on 
browsers tested).


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