[thelist] SSI in Dreamweavweaver

Bob Boisvert webdad at tampabay.rr.com
Mon Nov 5 12:14:15 CST 2001


I have been changing things little by little. It was looking for index.shtml
but I have changed that back to index.html and physically put the text links
on the home page. The text links are SSI on the rest of the pages. to look
at it now you may have to use the IP address, I just transferred servers
yesterday and it doesn't look like it has taken affect yet

I have been torn between doing a contact page rather than an email link but
the church hasn't given me enough info on the emails and information they
want set up for them. I also thought that it might become to redundant
because the church address is on each page along with the phone number, on
the other hand it may be a bit more organized to have a page for contacting.

Decisions, decisions

Thanks for your advise, I have changed the alt text on the Masthead, logo
and other areas. I also think your right about the contact page and will
start working on that.


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On 2001-11-04 at 06:04, webdad at tampabay.rr.com (Bob Boisvert) wrote:

> The site is www.calvarylargo.org please make any comments about the site
> also, I'm interested in correcting any problems or mistakes I may have
> in the design.

A huge improvement on the pages since you last addressed the list; looking
good now.

Some minor points:

Your home page doesn't link correctly from other pages, giving a '404 Object
found' error. Looks like it is requesting index.shtml, not index.html.

I'd also consider changing some of your alt text.

For instance, the alt text for your masthead reads: "Calvary Masthead";
IMHO, it
would be better reading "God's lighthouse...<snip> ...392-4700" (So the
is exactly what the masthead actually reads, not a description of what it

The 'Contact Calvary' button also spooked me; I was expecting it to go to a
with address, telephone and email details, not open an email message in my
program. I don't have a problem with websites doing that, but given that all
other buttons go to pages, it was unexpected and jarring.


Andy Warwick

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