[thelist] JS mouseover problem

Lasar Liepins net.slave at liepins.de
Mon Nov 5 15:49:14 CST 2001


> At the moment the mouseover "thingie" causes flickering and is 
> not pretty at all
> when the visitor goes from one link to another and the default 
> image appares in
> a split second between those two images.
> Check out http://www.interest.ee/~vain/allin1/ for what I'm 
> speaking about!
> Any ideas, how to stop the 'default' image from returning when 
> the visitor goes
> from one link to another? The only think I've been able to 
> think of, is a time
> delay of some sort but that's not a very elegant idea, now is 
> it? How can I
> eliminate this problem?

I'd think that a timeout should work quite well.

<a ... onmouseout="window.setTimeout('imgswap(\'pic1\', 

If I'm not mistaken, this should return to the default image one 
second after leaving the link.

Good luck,

_ Lasar

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