[thelist] JS mouseover problem

Peter Hammar phammar at dplanet.ch
Mon Nov 5 16:30:44 CST 2001

 > a {display:block; height: 20px}
> > this will remove the space between them and cause the
> > mouseout from link 1 to be immediatly followed by
> > mouseover of link 2.
> On which platforms/browsers does it work? Not many browsers handle CSS
> flawlessly.

i'm living in intranet developpemnt wonderland :o)

<a href="#" style="height: 20px">link 1</a><br>
<a href="#" style="height: 20px">link 2</a>

works in NS 4.08 and 4.7  so there may be hope for the others.

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