[thelist] admin: late posts

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Mon Nov 5 16:47:10 CST 2001

Hola folks -

You may notice some emails dated from the past couple days just now 
entering your inboxes. Don't be alarmed, its nothing that you did, one 
of the relay servers for the evolt lists hada  bit of a problem over the 
weekend hada  bit of a problem :)

Each time a message was sent out to any evolt list, it only got to about 
2/3rds of the people subbed to that list.. Those other 1/3rd of the 
messsages that didn't get through to you the first time and starting to 
come back through now.. The problems been fixed, just didn't want anyone 
to be alarmed if they started getting emails from this last weekend.

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.. 
Sorry about any inconvienence! :)

<tip type="easy apache password protection">	

If you've got an Apache server and want a quick and easy way to password 
protect certain directories, add the following to an .htaccess file in 
teh directory you want to protect:

require valid-user
AuthType Basic
AuthName Super_Secret_Directory
AuthUserFile /home/youruser/apache.passwd

This will only allow users in the /home/youruser/apache.passwd file 
access to the directory you have the .htaccess file in. Also make sure 
you keep the file out of your web root(usually 
/home/youruser/public_html ) so no one can see the users who are allowed.

To add users to the file, use the htpasswd utility like so:
htpasswd -c /home/youruser/apache.passwd <user>

It will prompt you for a password for the <user> name you enter. The 
next time you're ready to add another user to the password file, remove 
the -c flag from htpasswd. You only wanna use that flag the first time 
you run htpasswd beceause it creates the /home/youruser/apache.passwd 
file for you



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