[thelist] file management practices for design shops

Shug Miller shug.miller at ntlworld.com
Mon Nov 5 17:54:53 CST 2001

On 2001-11-02 at 14:16, bart at archrival.com (Bart Johnston) wrote:

> Hey everybody,
> Lately, I've been trying to establish some solid file management practices
> for the design firm I work for, and I'm curious about some of the
> that some of you out there might have come up with.


>but what I'm really more interested in are naming schemes

The system I have with seems to be standardised across the various design
companies and other printshops I deal with, hence the fact I use it ;).

Photoshop Files:

<Company Name><Desc of File Content><Colour Depth><dpi><File Format>

For example local restaurant menu (because I have been working on one)

Ricos XmasMenuCvr C 400 Tiff

C=CMYK, B=Black and White Bitmap, R=RGB

Adobe Illustrator:

<Company Name><Desc of File><Colour Depth/Pantone Refs.><File Format>

Ricos XmasMenuLogo C EPS

C=CMYK, B=B&W, PMS would be something like 289+ProcessBlue

Quark Express:

<Company Name><Desc of File><Print Size (paper)><Paper Type><Finishing>

Ricos XmasMenu01 SRA3 Mtx280 LS Turn A5 F

For an SRA3 print on Mellotex 280gsm Board printed Landscape paper turned
not tumbled, final size A5 folded.

It makes sense to us at least :D

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