[thelist] are your eyelids twitching? (tip)

J J squid_66 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 5 20:32:41 CST 2001

Wow, this is incredible.  My right eyelid started
doing this a week or so ago... talk about timing.

thank you!  my rate was at 60hz so I've just changed

Amazing what you learn on these lists!  :)

--- Jon Hall <jonhall at ozline.net> wrote:
> My first tip. Hope I get this right....I feel sorta
> like Brittney Spears.
> ;-)
> For the last week or so my left eyelid had started
> doing this weird spastic
> twitching thing. It didn't really bug me at first,
> but after a while it got
> quite old. Last night I mentioned it to my health
> nut girlfriend and she did
> a little research and found the most common cause is
> starting at a computer
> monitor too long. The second she told me I went and
> looked at my monitor
> refresh rate, and somehow it had gotten set back to
> 60 Hz. I switched it
> back to 75 Hz and voila. The twitching went away
> immediately, and hasn't
> returned.
> <tip type="ergonomics">
> If you spend a lot of time in front of a computer
> screen, especially with
> fluorescent lights overhead and have never changed
> the default Windows
> monitor refresh rate, your eyes are working way to
> hard. You may notice
> headaches, or in my case, an eyeball twitching
> uncontrollably. While 60 Hz
> is the Windows default. The best setting for your
> eyes (and eyelids) is
> 75hz.
> To change your refresh rate:
> Right Click on your desktop. Click Properties.
> Select the Settings tab.
> Click the Advanced button.
> Select the Monitor tab.
> Select 75 Hz from the dropdown and click Apply.
> If you are reading this, do it now! Even if you have
> done this in the past,
> check it. Windows will reset to 60Hz for quite a few
> reasons. Your eyelids
> will thank you.
> </tip>
> jon

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