removing those htaccess passwords (was Re: [thelist] admin: late posts)

Morbus Iff morbus at
Mon Nov 5 21:13:33 CST 2001

>>If you've got an Apache server and want a quick and easy way to password
>>protect certain directories, add the following to an .htaccess file in teh
>>directory you want to protect:
>I've got a question about this. We did just this a couple years back, but
>now we've got a situation where we do not have some of the passwords any
>more - case of changing personnel. Is there a way to disable/remove these
>passwords, without knowing what they are?

Yup. Just open up the .htaccess file, find out where the passwords are
being stored (I commonly called them .htpasswd), and then open that file
and remove the lines related to the dead accounts.

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