[thelist] stolen content

me me at cgiguy.com
Tue Nov 6 05:12:48 CST 2001


who needs to steal a listing of dutch therapists?
are they not listed in a dutch phone book?
is there like some kind of black market for this info?

oops. bad news. i stole a copy for myself.
shoot me. oooooh. took one in the heart.
i'm goin down.  tell mama i'm a comin home..

welcome to the real world...
on the web a copyright notice is nothing more than
an open invitation to a data thief.  and password protection
is actually a bit like foreplay when ya get right down to it.
that may sound a bit rude, but its just reality.

so deal with it.

and for those of you that are in need of a dutch therapist,
may god help you.


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> Dear list,
> my boss' site :
> http://www.shiatsu.be/pages/therapeuten/therapeuten.html
> The list of therapists on that page has been stolen by another site...
> Is this legal ? i'm afraid it is because he hasn't got a disclaimer or
> notice on his site. Even if he had one, personally, I think it would still
> be legal, altough a good notice would scare away potential thieves (a
> bit)...
> To (at least have done SOMETHING to) prevent this from happening again, i
> would like to ask if any of you know where he can find a template
> legal/copyright notice (preferably in Dutch).
> thx,
> Jelle Desramaults
> www.sitekick.be
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