[thelist] stolen content

The Optimizer chrism at puffofsmoke.net
Tue Nov 6 05:42:52 CST 2001

> welcome to the real world...
> on the web a copyright notice is nothing more than
> an open invitation to a data thief.

It's actually merely an explicit statement of your automatic rights.

> and password protection
> is actually a bit like foreplay when ya get right down to it.

Well, like anything else if done incorrectly it can be circumvented or
broken. Why would you liken this to foreplay? ;)

> that may sound a bit rude, but its just reality.
> so deal with it.

One way to deal with it would be to sue the thief if in fact a law (civil or
otherwise) had been broken. Hence the question, I would guess.

> and for those of you that are in need of a dutch therapist,
> may god help you.

A Dutch national, perhaps?


Chris Marsh

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