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Matt Patterson list-matt at reprocessed.org
Tue Nov 6 06:36:36 CST 2001

On 6/11/01 at 10:16 am, nsg_chong at hotmail.com (jelle desramaults) wrote:

> Is this legal ? i'm afraid it is because he hasn't got a disclaimer or legal
> notice on his site. Even if he had one, personally, I think it would still
> be legal, altough a good notice would scare away potential thieves (a
> bit)...
> To (at least have done SOMETHING to) prevent this from happening again, i
> would like to ask if any of you know where he can find a template
> legal/copyright notice (preferably in Dutch).

>From what little i know of European copyright law (that is, I think it's similar
to UK laws and I'm guessing based on that) you don't need a copyright assertion
to copyright something. Publishing it is enough, so stealing copy from a page
without a copyright notice is still illegal. However, if the page is, as it
appears to be, a list of people registered with an organisation, then it seems
likely that someone could get the information from somewhere other than your
site, and the sensible ordering you've used is likely to be the sensible
ordering they've used... Even if they've nicked it from you, it's a list of
(private?) practictioners who provide a service, so reproducing it elsewhere
could be considered as a) free advertising for the BSF members or b) fair use,
i.e. making information about registered Shiatsu practictioners available to
people who want to be Shiatsued by them.

Anyway, the central point is that publication itself is an assertion of
copyright, at least in England it is.


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