[thelist] IE Still Flashing.

roland dunn roland at nykris.com
Tue Nov 6 07:11:26 CST 2001

A couple of days I ago, I posted the following email:

I'm working on a kiosk project for a museum where people will use touch
screens, and will be presented information via an IE browser. So, people
will essentially be viewing web pages held locally on that kiosk, so no
remote access at all - instant (or near-instant) loading of pages.

FYI: if you run Internet Explorer by typing "iexplore.exe -k
www.dilbert.com" you get Interner Explorer in "kiosk" mode.

Currently we're finding that in this setup when users flip between pages the
screen momentarily goes white - which as you can imagine really isn't great.

Anyone got any ideas of how to prevent this happening?

A few people kindly replied, suggesting we look at
http://www.htmlgoodies.com/beyond/hta.html, and the use of <body
style="overflow: hidden">.

We've tried all these things, and the pages still flash. I guess all we want
to do is simply tell IE to not display a page until it has loaded all
elements of it, i.e. until it has cached it all; and not to flash.

Has anyone got any more thoughts?
Thanks, Roland.



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