[thelist] RE: removing those htaccess passwords (was Re: [thelist] admin: late posts)

m u i n a r msk at muinar.com
Tue Nov 6 10:27:08 CST 2001


Does anyone know how?

I have a password protected folder. Access is denied to all who don't
have the password. So far so clear. Now I can combine it with a deny
command: All but one single IP address are restricted from the access.
If you access the folder from this IP address, you are prompted to
input username and password. All others get 'access denied'.

What I'd need though is a combination the other way around: Everyone
with a password can get in, and adding to that, the user from the
specified address is allowed without a password.

Is that possible? I need it for a single web address to access a
script within the protected folder.



At 10:44 06.11.01 -0500, you wrote:
>The command to change the password is (assumes apache/bin is in the path)
>         % htpasswd <password file> <user name>
>The -c flag is used to create the password for new user.

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