[thelist] Can Cold Fusion Write A binary file from a BLOB field

Susan Wallace susanhw at webcastle.com
Tue Nov 6 13:18:02 CST 2001

Hi Matt,

<CFFILE Action="write"> is only intended to write a text format file. To my 
knowledge, the only way to accomplish this would be to write your own CFX 
tag that would take your data and write it to the type of file you need.

In case you haven't thought in this direction, you might be able to find a 
utility that will take information in the form of a variable and then write 
it to a file that you need. You could then run that Utility on the server 

I have not done this, and not positive it would work, just a thought...


>We are taking data out of a SQL server that is a BLOB field and need to 
>write it to a binary file.

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