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Tue Nov 6 13:27:27 CST 2001

Hassan Schroeder wrote:

> "javier velasco (mantruc)" wrote:
> > yes, it would be nice to exchange our methods, since the craft is so young
> >
> > this is one of the weakest areas of the IA discipline: notation standards
> > i'v seen verious efforts to compare things in this area, but all have failed
> > for reasons i don't know
> Sounds interesting - can you provide URLs to these efforts? Or if
> this is getting too OT contact me off-list with some background?

oops, sorry for taking so long to reply, here you are:

(if others want, i can publish their samples on my account too)

Sam-I-Am wrote:

> there was a lengthy thread on this topic on the SIGIA-L list.. that
> might be archived somewhere, otherwise I think I have kept most of it
> (this is a great list, though I personally I don't follow it anymore.. I
> succumbed to information overload)

yes i followed that thread closely, however of all the times i've reached people
to exchange documentation examples, it's hard to see actual examples
i assume this is due to company privacy :-(

Ed already sent me some of his examples, from which i still don't understand his
style thoroughly, but it is very eye opening to see how different our approaches

Madhu Menon wrote:

> Does this discussion belong here?

like hell it does!

> I don't see many IA, UX topics discussed
> on thelist. :(
> (and I'd like to change that)

that only depends on us...
that's why i was careful with the message's subject line: to call your attention!
i'd also like to see more IA / UX on thelist, let's just get it rolling :)

anyway i do think that the SIGIA-L and CHI-WEB lists are the "official" list for
these matters, some days you can se very high leve conversations which are very
amazing, with all the "names" we've studied, other times it get very noisy

more IA lists:

however, i'd love to raise some of such issues on evolt too, and fill the site
category we have too


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