[thelist] Macromedia CF Enterprise setup crash

Wallace, Mark mwallace at bindview.com
Tue Nov 6 21:29:27 CST 2001

Greetings all - 
Do we have any Installshield developers here? I'm having some problems
installing Macromedia's Cold Fusion 5 (Enterprise) on a couple of systems;
apparently there's a bug in the version of Installshield that Macromedia
used to build the setup. I'm seeing this on 1/2 Win2k systems I've installed
on, and 1/3 NT4 systems.

I get the following when trying to install:

Unhandled Exception
Error Number: 0x80040707
Description: Dll function call crashed: ISRT.GetPorts
Setup will now terminate.

And indeed it does. Stone dead. It never gets so far as to actually do any
"installing", rather, it's dying while trying to install itself.

Macromedia is stumped (the tech support guru assigned to this ticket keeps
repeating himself; to summarize, "there's a problem with your system, I
can't help with that"), Installshield sort of admits that there's a problem
that they can't solve
but they're stuck as well ("It is still obscure which conditions cause this

Here's a transcript of my interaction with Macromedia tech support to date:

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good dll dependency program? 
What I'd like to do is run the setup, watch it crash, then find the
Installshield executable and find which DLLs it's trying to read from. 
I'd also like to be able to do some detective work on what function or
program is trying to "GetPorts" - is it trying to read a registry key, or
Is it possible to "decompile" an installshield package? We're a software
development house; I could probably get some of my developers to tear this
thing apart and find the problem, but so far it's my problem and I'd like to
find a way to solve it.


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