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Wed Nov 7 05:42:45 CST 2001

On 7 Nov 2001 at 11:09, Paul Backhouse wrote about RE: [thelist] Site Check:

> im not going back into this debate AGAIN!!!
> [...]

> if you can see the problem let me know, and if its straight forward il
> sort it for you, but im not going to waste my time 

the problem are not the nested tables or scrollable layers but the fact that the URL 
you gave (http://www.2cs.com/tradebridge) is just an empty shell with a JS 
redirection - which is not working (for me and my minority browser)

> small percentage - microscopic if the truth be told

FWIW, some of my sites are recording more Opera than Mac hits. But - to quote 
you - "I'm not going to waste my time". Back to work



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