[thelist] Site Check

Simon Coggins ppxsjc1 at nottingham.ac.uk
Wed Nov 7 05:54:04 CST 2001

> Rite, you've had your say, ive had mine - thats it, no more...please!!!!
> i just work for a compay thats given me a spec - not my fault or problem.

Okay, fair enough. I guess I'm just particularly sensitive to this kind of
thing because my computer at work runs linux and I'm fed up of being told
what browser I should be using!

I can understand why there is a need to work to a spec - obviously you
can't spend all day checking your site in everything down to Netscape 2
when you've got sites to build. Having said that I can't resist one little

>On your site maybe, but we have a different target area, not the general
>public, our stats and records show that IE and NS on PC are the most
>percentage hits followed by Mac, seeing an opera browser hit our website
>is as rare as the dodo.

You may have more Opera visitors than you think. The default user-agent
string Opera sends is very similar to MSIE5. If you want to identify as
Opera you have to change it in the preferences. This is because
people often write javascript code that uses the user-agent string rather
than support of the object to conditionally serve different code.

To fix the redirect, try changing:





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