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Jon Haworth jhaworth at witanjardine.co.uk
Wed Nov 7 09:38:27 CST 2001

Well, the validator at validator.w3.org reports at least a hundred errors
with the page, mostly to do with missing ALT tags or TYPEs for your scripts.

However there are also </td>, </tr> and </table> tags that don't match up,
which will cause you problems.

Validate your code, *then* get the site check.


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rite, im not going back into this debate AGAIN!!!
it works in mozilla on NT - thats a bonus - i happen to like mozilla and
even though im not required to program for it i do like to make sure it
works in mozilla - but thats my personal choice - the company i work for has
a spec - its the line - anything past the line - (a small percentage -
microscopic if the truth be told) are just gonna have to deal with it.

If im asked to program for opera, il program for opera, thats it.

as far as i can see there noubt wrong with the code, be my guest if you want
to find the problem, its pretty simple nested tables with iframe in Ie and
scrollable layers in Ns (which at a guess is probably whats messing up
opera - the scrollable layers - somehow).

if you can see the problem let me know, and if its straight forward il sort
it for you, but im not going to waste my time and i don't think the company
i work for would be too chuffed either.

Rite, you've had your say, ive had mine - thats it, no more...please!!!!

i just work for a compay thats given me a spec - not my fault or problem.



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