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I found this article about PayPal:


Anyone who signs up to use PayPal, an Internet payment service that has 
become popular among users of auction sites, must provide it with a lot of 
personal data: name, telephone, address, e- mail and credit card or banking 

So far, more than six million people have registered to use the service. 
But for all that PayPal knows about its customers, it is remarkably guarded 
about its own contact information.

There is no street address, phone number or e-mail address listed among the 
contact information on PayPal's Web site — just a post office box in Palo 
Alto, Calif., and a form to submit a question electronically. PayPal does 
not even have a phone number available through directory assistance. (There 
is a phone number for customer service on the site, but it takes some 
dedicated digging to find it.)

As it happens, the Better Business Bureau of Santa Clara County recently 
rated PayPal's customer service unsatisfactory, in part because of 
complaints that the company is slow to respond to customer inquiries. But 
PayPal is certainly not the only site that has made it more than a little 
challenging for customers to reach a representative, or even locate contact 


Since a fair few people on thelist seem to use PayPal, I thought you'd be 



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