[thelist] CSS Questions

Niklaus Haldimann nhaldimann at gmx.ch
Wed Nov 7 09:54:35 CST 2001

> What do the classes below do?  I'm not talking about the border-right or padding-right, but more the IMG within the .sidebar class & the .container within the .sidebar class.  

these are contextual selectors at work. they describe in what context 
the style should be applied, the context of an element being its 
ancestor elements.
> .sidebar IMG {
> BORDER-RIGHT: #003366 1px solid
> }
> Does this only apply to IMG tags within the sidebar class?

> .sidebar .container {
> }
> Does this only apply to the container class that is nested within the sidebar class?

you got it.

beware: i remember contextual selectors to be unreliable in NN 4.x. i 
think NN doesn't cope with deep nested structures.


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