[thelist] Paypal

Ed emagin at onebox.com
Wed Nov 7 09:59:11 CST 2001

I find this an interesting issue. I believe Paypal is backed by some pretty
serious financial industry players (Weigel being one, I believe).  I don't
think they are doing this to run a shady operation.

Early on they were repeatedly hacked and attacked by financial hackers and
had to tighten up security.
I wonder if this stealth approach is one to also help improve security, keep
their security guards from getting paid off, etc.

I still belive it's a major concern, so I'm not defending their position,
but just expressing the hunch that they may be doing this on purpose.

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 : There is no street address, phone number or e-mail address
 : listed among the
 : contact information on PayPal's Web site — just a post office

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