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jay.blanchard at thermon.com jay.blanchard at thermon.com
Wed Nov 7 10:47:23 CST 2001

 >but why? what advantage/disadvantage is/are there?

1. Makes your site more accessible (advantage)
2. Validates properly (advantage)
3. Personal pride in knowing you did the best you could do (advantage)
4. Readability in graphics impaired browsers and WAP devices (advantage)

Hmmmm...no disadvantages except it might take (depending on your coding 
speed) 2-3 additional seconds for each graphic/picture used in a page, and 
that could be reduced on cut-n-paste operations where the same graphic 
(like a transparent GIF) is used over and over.

Heck, I even use a

<tip>Cut-n-Paste Document. Created in your favorite text editor. You can 
include lines of code that you use over and over as we are all prone to 
doing. When you need that line of code flip over to that doc, copy, paste, 
and then modify as required. A great example is;
<img src="../graphics/transparent.gif height="" width="" border="0" alt="">
Just modify the attributes as needed.</tip>

Jay Blanchard

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