[thelist] Site Check

Paul Peterson paul at thereformist.com
Wed Nov 7 10:48:50 CST 2001


Your site looks decent in Netscape 6.2 on Mac. I like the colors and the
liquid layout.

Regarding your structure, I noticed two things that are potentially

1) I wasn't sure whether I should be browsing in the popup window or in the
main site, since they both have their own hierarchical structure and
navigation. My instincts were to close the popup and just surf the main,
because I'm so used to popups with annoying ads that I now have a
trigger-finger when it comes to them. I don't think I'm alone in that camp.

2) On your News page, the arrows were not very obvious to me for scrolling
the body text. When I first saw this page, I just thought the blue area at
the bottom was cutting off the text. It took me a minute to figure out I
could scroll the text within the window. You could make this more obvious by
moving the text box up from the blue and possibly adding a border and/or
scroll bar column to the box.

I agree with the others in that you should at least validate your code. It's
kind of like running spell-check on documents--you don't need to, but it's
always a good idea and could catch something you would otherwise miss. You
don't necessarily have to design with Opera in mind, but since it's one of
the most standard-compliant browsers it makes a good litmus test for
checking your code.

Paul Peterson

> From: "Paul Backhouse" <paul.backhouse at 2cs.com>
> i would like, if anyone has got it - a test run on it with IE 4 on a pc and
> NS 6 on a mac - they'er the only 2 browser i haven't got my hands on yet -
> and they're the ones im interested in.

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