[thelist] looking for a good book on CSS - Results compiled

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Wed Nov 7 11:00:03 CST 2001

> Didn't see when this was passing around, so
> i'll add some more, which were already sent on evolt
> on this list, to the bottom of this list.

dear jasen, aka professor jj

not to pick on you in particular, but i thought i would remind everyone of
the great subsite we have at evolt called http://dir.evolt.org where we web
developers can collect all the good links such as those in your tip

tips are good but those css links should also be logged in


the neat part about evolt's directory is that the folks submitting the
links (i.e. us) have no corporate or commercial vested interests and can be
assumed to know which are the good resources

simon, can you grab the links in ron's/profjj's tips and add them?

>by Keith Schengili-Roberts

hey, a blast from the past!  keith was one of my influences in 1995-1996
learning html from a column he had in The Computer Paper, a local toronto
computing newspaper -- a more recent (perhaps largely "repurposed") column
in the Canada Computes paper has archives at


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