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Dulcie Meatheringham dulcie at heritagecommunityfdn.org
Wed Nov 7 11:08:35 CST 2001

Hi Spinhead,

We had this same question - and then called the power company.  They supply
the local libraries with power consumption kits. You plug your powerbar (or
whatever) into the meter, which plugs into the wall, and get a reading from
that.  The kit comes with all sorts of stuff to help you figure out how much
power you're using and how much it's costing.

I don't know the numbers that came up in our case, but they do consume a
considerable amount.  We leave the server/gateway up 24/7 but shutdown our
computers when not in use.

Best of luck,

Dulcie Meatheringham, Web Projects Coordinator
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> Know of any online info re: how much power a computer uses when
> it's in full
> power-saving mode? Seems the local utility co told my wife that a
> potential
> cause of our larger electric bill is 'increased computer use' and now she
> insists that all machines be shut down every night. Including my server. I
> really need some comparison to a normal household item, e.g. 'in
> power save
> mode, a computer uses the same electricity as a 40 watt light
> bulb' would be
> nice.
> spinhead
> Okay, so I have 9 computers. That's not excessive is it? It's only 1.5 per
> person.
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