[thelist] design critique (or whatever you wanna do, really)

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 7 12:34:44 CST 2001

now's your chance... you've seen me evangalizing on this list 
forever while rarely ponying up examples (although quite a lot of 
you have looked on your own)... i've just launched our new 
corporate site, and i'm looking for some input...

now, the notes:

- 90+% of our users come in on IE5+/wintel... that being said, the 
code and style targets 5.x+ browsers, but is supposed to degrade 
reasonably well to older browsers... there are *many* known bugs 
in NN4.x...

- liquid site, down to 640, except for the case study pages (my 

- home page randomly displays one of 11 case studies, and some 
pages also show case study links as well when there is no 
secondary nav... reloading those pages will/should result in 
different images and copy...

- technical articles hose the layout, still debating stuffing code 
snippets into textareas like we've done on evolt...

- not a very deep site, mostly a place on the web to show some of 
our work...

- design goals included: site as canvas to display case studies, 
corporate clean-cut, but still show some design ability, different 
templates for each type of page (content, articles, case study, 
home), usable, accessible, show off new logo, hip...

ultimately i have a list of things to do on the site (some NN4.x 
fixes, pull some CSS from the templates and stuff it into the CSS 
file, get rid of HTML styling altogether, etc.), but before i do that, 
looking for more input on the design aspect...

you can comment on the code if you want, but i'm really focusing 
on design, since feedback would alter the code anyway...

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