[thelist] alt tags on all images (was Site Check)

noah noah at tookish.net
Wed Nov 7 12:36:11 CST 2001

At 01:29 PM 07/11/2001, aardvark wrote:

>download Lynx, view that site, read it aloud...
>you could also get a browser for the disabled, but Lynx is a good
>one to have for a myriad of reasons...
>i'd much rather see a page of:
>"Welcome to Foobar"
>and if that can be achieved by using (valid and correct) empty alt
>attributes in all my image tags, then you can be darn sure i'm
>going to include them...

I see . . . I guess I'll shift my frustration away from the W3C and towards 
the browser makers - it just seems to me that if a browser can not display 
an image, and there's no alt text, it should ignore the image altogether, 
and display nothing.

I can't think of a single circumstance in which a browser telling you 
[IMAGE] is of any use whatsoever, and it seems a little silly to me that we 
have to include extra code in every image tag to avoid this.


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