[thelist] Sending html form results to fax machine?

spinhead evolt at spinhead.com
Wed Nov 7 12:45:37 CST 2001

A friend just set up a fax machine that can send and receive e-mailed faxes,
so if the results were PDFed or something, this would work. It might have
other capabilities as well. What you want to do is definitely possible
(sorry I don't have more details.)


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Subject: [thelist] Sending html form results to fax machine?

> Can this be done?  We currently have a client who would like for users on
> their web site to have the ability to fill out a simple HTML form and then
> have the results be sent to the client's fax machine.
> I appreciate any feedback or "nudging into the right direction".
> Thank you,
> Michael

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