[thelist] OT: Enigma-3 site designers

Dave Markowski davidm at alb.edu
Wed Nov 7 14:45:54 CST 2001

Okay, OT, but with such a great and diverse crowd on here, I thought I'd 
ask anyway...a few years back the band Enigma released Enigma3 and 
also launched a very cool website which used to be enigma-3.com. The 
index page of the site was black with a flickering candle in the middle.  I 
remember literally spending hours just looking at all there was to look at 
on it. I think it was launched in either 1996 or 1997. Does anyone out 
there know who designed the site? I would like to get ahold of them.

Thanks for any help or leads!
Dave Markowski
Web Manager
Albright College
Reading, PA

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